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Lump of Coal & Snowball Soap Dough (Melt & Pour)

Melt & pour soap dough is similar to playdough, only you can use it for bath time fun once you’re done playing!

Lump of Coal and Snowball Soap Dough made with Melt & Pour Soap

After creating shapes with cookie cutters or playdough tools, you can use one or more soap pieces right away, or leave them to air dry for several days, then use the resulting shapes.

Alternatively, you can roll the dough back into a ball and store it in an airtight container. Soften it for five to ten seconds in a microwave on defrost mode, as needed.

Yield: one 5-ounce (142 g) ball of soap dough

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Lump of Coal Variation

Snowball Variation

How to Make

Step 1

Melt the soap base, using the double boiler method, heating over medium-low heat for 15 to 20 minutes; or the microwave method, heating for 10 to 20 seconds at a time, until melted. Don’t overheat or your soap base could become thick and unworkable.

Step 2

For the lump of coal variation, stir in the charcoal, adjusting amount according to your preferred level of darkness.

Or, for the snowball variation, stir in the eco-friendly glitter.

Step 3

Mix in the essential oil until thoroughly combined. Sprinkle in the cornstarch or arrowroot, one tablespoon at a time, stirring well after each addition. Continue to stir as the mixture cools. It will still be somewhat sticky and start to pull away from the sides of the bowl.

Step 4

When it turns into a lumpy dough, remove it from the bowl and continue to knead it in your hands or on a sheet of parchment paper, adding a sprinkle of cornstarch if needed, if the dough feels too sticky.

When the dough turns smooth and easy to work with, it’s ready for use!

Tip: Use one or two light spritzes of rubbing alcohol to remove residual bits of cornstarch from the surface of the soap dough.

Step 5

Press the soap dough into a flat disc and cut out shapes with simple cookie cutters.

If you enjoyed this recipe, you’ll also love the Aromatherapy Soap Dough project (page 78) in my print book, Easy Homemade Melt & Pour Soaps. The variations are made with all-natural colorants and kid-safe essential oils!

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