Get Ready To Create Beautiful Herbal Soaps

This comprehensive, beginner-friendly guide to melt-and-pour soapmaking from Jan Berry, author of Simple & Natural Soapmaking, includes:

  • 50 Inspiring Recipes
  • Popular Design Tutorials
  • Stunning Natural Colorant Gallery

The Safe, Easy & Fast Way

Take a Look Inside!

Chamomile HoneyComb Slices

These three-layer soaps are so fun to make. Infusing the soap base with chamomile flowers provides a soft, creamy color. The honeycomb texture is created with small squares of bubble wrap in the bottom of each mold section, while the honey soap base and gold EnviroGlitter provides added color and depth.

Chaparral Soap on a Rope

Chaparral (larrea divaricate) has traditionally been used as a southwestern herbal remedy for conditions ranging from arthritis to athletes foot, but in this recipe  we're using it to add an amazing natural scent to our soap and possibly some antifungal properties. A soap stamp completes the look and makes this bar ready for gifting, or using for yourself!

More Ideas From The Book

Easy Beach Bars 

Herbal Soap Embeds

Natural Colorants

Sunset on the Beach

3-D Flower Soaps

Feel good about pampering yourself with these artisanal soaps featuring natural botanicals, colorants  and exfoliants.

This method is a safe soapmaking technique that doesn't require handling lye. Plus, because it's so simple, many projects make for excellent family-friendly crafts. Here, you'll find all the information and inspiration you need to make soaps that are gentle on your skin and fun to make!


"A must read for every melt and pour soapmaker, Jan's new book is filled with soapmaking tips, no fail recipes and stunning photos to help guarantee your success. You'll feel like a pro from the start!"

Rebecca Dillon 

Founder Soap Deli News Blog

"Jan Berry's new book removes the mystery and complexity of soapmaking and focuses on the fun, creative part. You'll be making flawless soap immediately."

Chris Dalziel

Founder of DIY Herbal  Fellowship 

and author of Beeswax Workshop

"Jan has a gift for taking something as ordinary and everyday as soap, and turning it works of art. With melt and pour soap, she made it really simple for you to craft your own beautiful soaps at home!"

Ashley Adamant

Founder of Practical Self Reliance 

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